Sunday, February 8, 2009


One of my "favorite" ancestors has to be Albert Barnes Cutler Salmon. He has always stood out to me simply because of his name: ABC Salmon. Since I've delved seriously into genealogy in the last couple of years, it has been so intriguing to find more information about him.

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding him has to do with his death. At 67 years old he left California for Guatemala. We never understood why. I recently found three pages from his passport application. Evidently, Guatemala was only supposed to be the first stop. He listed Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Salvador, Mexico and Panama as the countries he was "indefinitely" planning on visiting. He lists "Land business" as his reason for visiting these countries. I wonder what he was planning on accomplishing? This application was from March 1923.

He is listed on the Passenger and Crew list for the SS Ecuador in December of 1923. I believe that this is actually his body returning to California from Guatemala, but I'm not certain. Did he go to Guatemala and get sick? Was he still alive and actually died in California? Is there more to the story than I realize? I'd love to find more details.

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  1. I too am intrigued by this story.. can't wait to hear if you ever find out what his actual plans were and where he actually died. Interesting stuff for sure!