Monday, August 17, 2009

Madness Monday-Katherine McCorkel

My first Madness Monday (or is it Monday Madness?). Either way, I'm here to vent some frustration. One of the twigs on my tree which has been driving me "mad" is my second-great grandmother. (I'll admit, I did a relationship calculator search on Roots Magic 4 to make sure I worded that correctly.)

Katherine McCorkel (McCorkle)
b: unknown possibly in Georgia
d: unknown

spouse: James Lewis Holloman
b: 11 Feb 1859 in Benton Co, Arkansas
d: 22 Apr 1939 in Stonewall Co, Texas

possible children:


Their daughter, Ellie Beatrice Holloman (1894-1972), was my great-grandmother. She is listed on the 1920 census with her husband, John William Hatley. This census lists her mother's birthplace as Georgia.

I have no source information for Katherine. Some of the possibilities I have came from information passed down from my Mom. Other pieces came from an unsourced tree on Ancestry with no contact info.

I've mostly tried searches on Ancestry and Google. I have James Lewis Holloman on two census records. The first is the 1920 Federal Census in Quay, New Mexico. He is listed as a widow and Edna is listed as his daughter.

I would love to find birth, marriage, and death information for Katherine, which would aid me in finding her parents. I would love to find this family on census records prior to 1920.

Honestly, any information I could find for her would thrill me. She is the only great-grandmother for whom I don't have at least some info on the parents. One little twig and a source of "madness".

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  1. If you already have this info, never mind... ;-) .. but I love a good mystery. Have you looked at the Texas death certificate for James Lewis's son James Grant Holloman? It's on FamilySearch. Anyway, there it lists his mother as Frances K. McCorkle. Also, the death certificate for James Lewis Holloman (also on FamilySearch) lists his widow as Frances Catherine Mc Holloman. So I would guess that your "Katherine" was actually Frances Katherine or Frances Catherine.