Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Name Fun

Continuing with "Celebrate Your Name Week", today's topic is supposed to be Fun Facts Day. I decided to make this a little more personal and relevant to my family tree. I've selected a few names that I find interesting for one reason or another.

I've posted before about ABC Salmon. I've just always loved his name. I wonder, though, how he felt about it? Cutler was his mother's maiden name, but I'm not sure where the Barnes came from. I need to study that line more. What's interesting is that he has a great uncle named Cutler Salmon. I'm sure there are family ties from that area in New Jersey. I can't wait to uncover them!

Another fun name from my tree is my great, great, great grandfather John Chapman. The fabled Johnny Appleseed was also named John Chapman. My John was born around 1816 in New Hampshire and Johnny Appleseed was born in Massachusetts in 1774. My information on that line stops with John who married Sarah C. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the lines connected at some point. John and Sarah had a son named Edward Chapman who is my great, great grandfather. Johnny Appleseed also descends from an Edward Chapman. Another mystery I can't wait to solve!

The last name I chose is from my husband's line. His great grandfather was Forrest D. Brown from DeKalb County Alabama. When I first received information on this line, I was told that his name was Farce D. Brown. It took me a little while to figure out that his name was actually Forrest, but you had to say it with that Alabama Southern drawl!

It's been fun to look through my tree. Do you have any interesting or fun names in your tree?


  1. Farce!? That is too funny and completely understandable (or not!) Thanks for the chuckles, Laura.

  2. Oh, my goodness - we had similar ideas at the same time - I wrote about "Harm" for Hiram and "Fate" for (Marquis de) Lafayette. Great minds think alike....